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Soft white petals fall, as the Cherry Blossom tree sheds emblems of her radiance.  Daydreams of sunlight dance and play hide and seek between her branches.

Twirling in a haze of effervescent curiosity, the little girl giggles as the pleats of her skirt are tousled by the wind. There is innocence in this radiance. And peace in the not knowing.

Summer days have drifted away, and years have passed just as petals caught by the wind that are now floating downstream. Leaves have fallen and tree branches lie broken around my feet.

And yet, I keep the image of myself as a child in my mind’s eye.  In brokenness there is beauty. The sun warms my face and I look upwards with the hope that I can still create.

That even through the brokenness of childhood dreams, I can still blossom, still bloom, and Radiate. (c)



10 thoughts on “Radiate”

  1. Splendid write-up. Wondrously depicted, your feelings, your thoughts, your perspective, all in a piece of fine art. Loving the way that you bring our your story in such a peculiar way, indulging the readers fully into it. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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