A Bowl Full of Strawberries & A Little Catch Up Between Friends…

Hi friends,

Sorry that it has been a few days since my last blog post. Life as it happens to be has had me pretty busy with work these past few days, but in a good way. The only thing with that is that it has meant getting home a bit later, and then tending to the beautiful things of everyday life like making dinner, washing dishes, relaxation and so forth. Plus, we’ve had a couple of lovely sunny days, which is a real gift here as we also get a lot of intermittent rain, so after work I like to make use of the time to walk along the riverside not too far from my home, if I can.

To be honest, you haven’t really missed much since my last post on Saturday. Well, in fact, on Saturday I spend a fair amount of time researching a particular ‘personality type’/disorder if you could call it that, with regards to somebody at work who has just moved to a different department. This person has left a lot of confusion, pain and hurt behind her, and it has been hard for a lot of people to get their heads around it all, but doing some research into this condition has helped me understand things a bit better and to approach even hurtful people with greater compassion while maintaining boundaries. I’ve actually had some good opportunities to encourage some of the others who have opened up to me about their hurts at the hands of this person, so I am blessed to be able to be an encourager and a source of comfort in this situation as and when I can…and what a learning curve it has been for me too, and continues to be!!

It has got me thinking a lot about that little reflective question as to whether people see you as a blessing wherever you go, or whenever you go, or in other words, are they glad (or sad) when you leave them alone?

On Sunday I had more time to rest and reflect and pray about these things, and spend time with God, for after all, how can an empty vessel pour love and light into anyone else’s life? I first need to be filled with the goodness of God before I can even attempt to reach out to others….if I abide in Christ, then it becomes a natural overflow….but it’s not always easy to get ourselves to that place of being still before Him.

Other than that, work has been pretty busy. I am feeling quite proud of myself today actually as I managed to come home from work, attend to some household chores, spend some time relaxing, and then I did a 1 and a half to 2 hour workout. For me, this is pretty good, as I’ve not always been drawn to exercise! However, despite starting exercising more regularly to be more healthy, tone up and maintain a healthy weight, I realise that once I start I enjoy it so much that I want to keep going….I guess that must be ‘endorphins’! the ‘happy hormone’! There is so much to explore in thinking about that, which I may get to in a future blog post if you are interested. But for someone with depression and anxiety, the natural ‘high’ that something so beneficial as exercise produces is definitely one of life’s free gifts.

In addition to exercise, another thing that doesn’t come naturally to me is the consumption of fruit! I’m a little bit ‘fruit phobic’, or at least I feel a bit squeamish about the texture and taste of many fruits as well as nervous in the anticipation of eating fruit. I could happily eat almost (almost) any type of vegetable, but not so with fruits. So I did have another ‘mini victory’ in consuming this entire bowl of beautiful shiny red strawberries (although mostly in the form of a fruit smoothie).

So before I ramble on any further, here is a picture of said strawberries for your to enjoy. My eyes are tired, and I am very close to drifting into a slumber. I do hope you haven’t minded our rather informal ‘catch up’, but I have very much enjoyed this intimate little gathering. Even though we may not have met, it is a special thing to connect with you all, so thank you for that. And enjoy some shimmery summer strawberries! Until next time… Much love. 🙂 xx



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