Daily Photo #14 ~ Catching the Thermals!

I took this photograph a couple of months ago while watching some seagulls at the beach. There were pockets where the combination of air temperature and wind direction caused thermals so the birds could simply be buoyed up, suspended in air, almost as if ‘riding the surf’ in the sky. It was fascinating! I had never seen anything like it before with so many birds (this is just a snapshot)….they stood on the ground waiting in a large group, and just at the right moment they embraced their place in the thermal and literally floated on air! I don’t know for how long I watched them, but they did this for a LONG time, and it was like watching children at play! This picture barely captures the delight of these birds at play, but I hope you find some enjoyment and inspiration from it nonetheless! x



3 thoughts on “Daily Photo #14 ~ Catching the Thermals!”

    1. Hi there, no worries! I’m pretty laidback, so take your time, there’s no deadline or pressure, and I’m happy that you want to be involved. Take as long as you need and thanks again 🙂 x


  1. p.s. I was just thinking…I’d be more than happy to link to an existing post that you’ve already written if you think it would be something you’d like to share? 🙂 No pressure though 🙂 🙂


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