Stay Supported with a Blogging Group

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Did you know? Bloggers who participate in group blogs and blogging communities blog for longer periods of time than those who go it completely alone. After analyzing the history of thousands of blogs, our data wizards concluded: “People who write in groups are more likely to keep writing.”

While it’s easy to focus only on our own blogs and what we want to create, paying attention to the social aspects of blogging has myriad benefits — it’s an excellent way to get constructive feedback on your work, technical help, and stretch yourself as a writer (or photographer, or sketcher, or poet, or…). And being social generates friendships and views, which don’t hurt either!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to get involved with a supportive blogging community.

Home-grown help: The Blogging Meetup


Folks who participate in Blogging U. often find themselves eager to keep in touch with other bloggers taking the same…

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