“Travelling Teaches You” (2)


Travelling Teaches You that you are part of something so much bigger than yourself and the ‘world’ that you are used to. You are part of life that goes beyond your own time, space and experience. You may be standing in places where great thinkers have walked, or beholding the beauty of a vast and unfathomable Creation in Nature that is only a small part of what we know of the Universe.

I took the photo above last week outside the Duomo in Milano, Italy. This building took centuries to create and is quite a work of architecture. People were involved in work that went beyond anything that would be completed in their life times, and yet they saw merit in playing their part in something bigger. Travelling broadens your mind to new experiences, and possibilities including the fact that there is so much that you know nothing about. Perhaps it can leave you feeling small and overwhelmed, but really, it should stir your heart into awakening to being part of the amazing experience of existence, and the sweetness that you, along with each of your fellow travellers are taking in an experience completely unique to you. Be blessed fellow travellers, and friends 🙂 . xx

5 thoughts on ““Travelling Teaches You” (2)”

  1. So true. These thoughts have really blessed me reminding me that. I can only see a small part of this vast gigsaw puzzle. Whats it all about many down the ages have asked but how can we know until we see the big picture. We have diffrent spiritual views. Diffrent Concepts of God depending on what religious belief we hold but one thing we probably all agree on who seek truth is that to love and be loved is part of our purpose if not all. The more we know the more humble we become. With out the Bee to polinate the flower. The worm to break down the soil or the trillions of bacteria in our gut playng their part we would not survive. So even though we might feel insignificant yet our role is vital. Thank you for you thought provoking thoughts.

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