One sentence inspiration.

Today, spend five minutes doing the thing that overwhelms you that you keep putting off – you might just find the momentum to keep on going, but even if you don’t for now, at least you’ve made a start.

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“Just one more thing…”

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When I was a kid, one of my dad’s favourite programmes was ‘Columbo’ – an American TV series about an LA-PD homicide detective, played by Peter Falk. Columbo came across as a scruffy, and somewhat absent minded detective, who asked a lot of seemingly random questions. He almost always could be seen with unkempt hair, a cigar in hand and wearing a tan-coloured mac / raincoat.

Detective Columbo in almost all of his cases seemed to the suspects of the murder as posing little or no threat. Until at some seemingly random point usually half way through the proceedings of the investigation when he came to talk about something else, just as he was leaving the room, he’d put one finger to his head, pause, return and say “Just one more thing….”. He’d then ask a question relating to a small, seemingly incidental and yet vital piece of the puzzle of solving the mystery of the murder, the murderer would come up with some answer or another and appear to put our dear bumbling Columbo off the scent. But Columbo’s ‘just one more thing’ that he puzzled over, inevitably always lead to a successful prosecution of the real murderer, and Columbo, despite his haphazard, scruffy and non-threatening, sometimes bumbling demeanour, never failed to solve a case.

Now, this post isn’t anything to do with detectives, ‘who done its’, or TV crime shows. It isn’t really anything to do with Columbo either, except for his famous catchphrase that he used in each and every episode, to the satisfaction of his viewers, even those of us who were just little at the time, watching on with our families. I just thought I’d take a trip down memory lane with any of you who remember one of the most lovable TV detectives.

For those of you who don’t, and don’t have any idea who Columbo is, don’t worry. All you need to remember is his catchphrase ‘Just one more thing’. Not in terms of solving mysteries, but in terms of getting things done.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed by how much I have to manage and get done in my day to day life. If I let it, things can become unnecessarily stressful. However, taking a leaf out of Columbo’s book can be good for all of us.

“Just one more thing”. Instead of trying to do everything all at once, relax, just think of that one more thing that needs done and work on that. Just one small thing at a time. Without a doubt it will help us to put aside a lot of the stress that we unnecessarily give ourselves, and we don’t need to be detectives to figure that one out! 🙂

Consistency in Healthy Living

Do you ever have days or weeks when you feel like you’re doing pretty well in terms of fitness and healthy eating?

You’ve been eating well, exercising, getting fresh air and drinking water, and feeling pretty good with it. You’ve found a groove and are maintaining progress, even if that progress is gradual.

I hope you do.

However, we probably all also go through days, weeks or even longer periods when we lose focus, motivation or become overwhelmed with other things. We comfort eat, we get lazy, we notice the pounds creeping on, and feel a bit uncomfortable.

Some people swing back and forth in unhealthy ways from one extreme to another, and I don’t have too much experience of that myself. There have been times during periods of depression when things were more noticeably difficult for me, at one point I was too thin, and then some years later I noticed I was putting on weight after starting on medication. But apart from that, the pendulum hasn’t swung too far in one direction or another for me.

That being said, even for relatively healthy people we do notice the subtle changes in ourselves that leave us feeling ‘sluggish’, unhealthy and not so great physically. We know when we’re beginning to lose focus, motivation and when our health, wellbeing and weight isn’t quite what we know it should be, even if that isn’t particularly noticeable to other people.

So what happens if you find yourself in such a position? The key is consistency. Overnight transformation doesn’t happen. It takes regular, consistent and intentional changes in our lifestyles in order to maintain progress.

Maybe you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ a bit with your health and fitness. Maybe you’ve been inconsistent during seasons of celebration, holidays, festivities, or conversely low mood, depression and difficult circumstances. You’re not on your own.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember you have to start somewhere, and once you’ve started just keep going. If you’re overwhelmed, make some small steps forward, start with 5 minutes of exercise if you’re struggling, and build up from there, keep consistent, keep moving, keep eating well, don’t be demanding or obsessive with yourself and your habits, but just try to maintain consistency and you’ll make progress.

There are no shortcuts, but try not to be overwhelmed by thinking about how far away you are from where you want to be with your health and fitness. Just do one small thing today and if that’s all you can manage for now, that’s ok. Start again tomorrow, and just keep going. Small steps in the right direction all add up, so stay positive, you can do it.

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