One sentence inspiration.

Your blog is an amazing platform for you to share your inspiration, experience, love and insight with the world – what gifts will you share with us today? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “One sentence inspiration.”

  1. Hello! Your one sentence inspiration is exactly why I personally blog, and also why I enjoy blog-hopping. Very intuitive. We all have something to say, and our blogs enable us to express this, which is why I keep a notebook handy.

    Whenever I hear or read, think of something new, or remember something old that I believe would be instrumental in raising my vibration or that of a reader, I write it down, give it a few days of further think, and if it still makes the cut, I find some images, and start writing out my blog post. Publication is the final step, and usually a happy step for me. I love sharing!!! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for reading my posts and for sharing your inspiring thoughts and blog. It is interesting to hear of your process, and gain an insight into your personality in that way. I like what you said about raising your vibration or that of a reader – that’s really a great way of putting it. It reminds me of a quote that “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. 🙂 I think like minded people have a great opportunity to come across each other through blogging even if we never meet in person. It sounds like blogging is quite a joyful process for you and thank you for sharing your inspiration on your blog and thank you for commenting on mine 🙂


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