How you feel is not who you are.

Life can often feel unfair. Sometimes we are treated badly by other people, and this can leave us feeling bad about ourselves, especially if or when this unfair treatment happens in childhood. If you are struggling with negative feelings about yourself, whether or not they were the result of how other people treated you, know that these feelings do not define who you are.

You may feel worthless, but you are of infinite worth, valuable, created, loved. You might not feel it, but your feelings cannot change the truth of your worth as a human being regardless of what happened to you, what you look like or what you have or haven’t done. You are priceless. Any evil spoken against you was and is a lie.

Feelings will come and go, you will experience positive and negative emotions throughout your life. Some of the negative ones from childhood will seem to ‘stick’ with you for longer than you feel you can handle. But renew your mind and remind yourself that your feelings do not equate to who you are.

You are valuable, precious, worthy, no matter how you feel.

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