Self Care In A Pandemic (84): Look To What Is True and Pure…

One way we can try to overcome anxious thoughts and feelings is to look away from them and focus on positive things whether that be in nature, a craft or hobby or watching something calming.

It is important to bear in mind that how we act and react to things can have an impact upon those around us. Sometimes we just have to learn to sit with difficult thoughts and emotions and let them pass and try to focus on something beneficial in that moment.

Our worries and anxieties can get the better of us until we don’t do anything at all, but even if you don’t know the big picture think of something positive you can do or give in this moment.

Maybe it is as small as a kind word, an encouragement, writing a blog post to help someone or distracting yourself with something that could benefit your mind. Try just one small thing in this one moment and see where it leads you as you focus upwards and outwards rather than holding on to your troubling thoughts.