We’re Still In A Pandemic, Right? How Is Everyone Doing?

It’s been a while, friends, I know. It’s been a while. I’d written so much that perhaps some of you haven’t noticed that I haven’t posted for a while, since my ‘self care in a pandemic’ series has 84 posts.

I’ve been working from home, as have many other people, and I haven’t been out much at all. All around me it seems friends and people are doing different things, moving on with their lives, some people I’ve heard of are getting engaged, married, some people have had babies in lockdown. And at the same time, others are in similar situations staying at home and very gradually getting used to changes in society. In the UK, most things have opened up now, yet the awareness is there that the pandemic is far from over. Society has changed. Some people are raring to go and get back out there, others are nervous.

How have things been with you? Have you felt challenged in some ways, are you thriving? Have you lost touch with people? Do you feel numb, emotionless, stuck or are you overwhelmed by emotions? Are you doing well?

These are strange days. Let us think of what we can be thankful for today. Today I am thankful that I am alive. That I even have this computer to write on and a Word Press community to write to. I have health, I have family, and I have a job, and although I haven’t seen friends for over a year and a half I still have some connections with some people online. I have food, shelter, a bed to sleep in, and a Saviour, Jesus Christ, Who Is by my side through every challenge to my faith. We have today. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the life that we do have. x

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