Comparison and What You Have To Offer…

Do you ever feel like you don’t have much to give or contribute? Maybe those around you are more talented, or seem to have a deeper and richer experience of life as a human being. And maybe you’re left feeling inadequate or empty.

This morning my online church service was on 1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 31 regarding those who are ‘in Christ’ by the Spirit of God. That is to say, those who are members of His spiritual body, the ‘church’ which is made up not of a building but of people who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. This might sound a little strange if you’re not a Christian, however, the point was that Christians are all members of the Body of Christ, with Christ as the spiritual head. The body has many members and each part needs each other, and each part has different gifts. So that while others may be more obviously gifted, all parts are necessary and valuable as part of the whole.

In life more generally too we can sometimes feel like we’re not sure of our gifts or purpose and can be left feeling deflated.

If I’m to be honest with myself and others I have struggled with this during lockdown and the pandemic as well as at other times in life. At the start of lockdown I was on my own in March 2020 and I was being productive and was outwardly focussed and writing a lot to encourage other people. I did pieces of work to help with Covid issues in my workplace and did a bit of volunteering. I tried to encourage other people and kept myself busy and occupied.

However, more lately, I have spent my time mainly in relation to my immediate family which I am thankful for, and computer screens. I’ve felt inadequate in terms of not being able to ‘feel’ as much in terms of emotions and love and being single have realised that my life in some ways is a bit ‘flat’ and wondering whether I have the capacity I once had to love, which it doesn’t feel like it right now. At times things have felt a bit empty, other than the Grace of God that carries me through the challenges, and I’ve lost interest in my hobbies. I’ve not really been anywhere much and have perhaps got a bit ‘stuck’.

I’m sure I’m not the only one. However, regardless of how we feel – or don’t feel – we are valuable and have gifts to offer. We can start by gratitude and taking the time to appreciate them today. What small thing can you do today to reach out to someone else or what small thing can you do to appreciate what you have?


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