So, you’re life isn’t perfect right now….?

The thing with life is that our minds are constantly roving – away from a Centre or a Truth, away from the things that concern us, or are real in our own lives.

What do I mean? There is something wonderful about being human – about human beings – there is something innate within us that compels us to dream – as children, no matter what our circumstances are, we each have something of a ‘dreamer’ within our hearts. The future is somehow resplendent with possibilities, and somehow, someday we will become so many things, and our lives will become this incredible ‘dream come true’.

I grew up watching ‘Disney’ cartoons in my childhood afterschool at my child-minder’s house, along with my wee school age friends. I read a lot and we are encouraged to dream, to believe in that ‘dream come true’ that fairy-tale ‘happy ever after’.

I think there is something deeper as well, I personally do, as someone who believes that we were made for far more than this world has to offer, as someone who has come to know, and continues on this journey, of knowing, the Perfect Love of Jesus Christ. I believe that one day things will be made new, for those who have put their trust in Him. But we are in the ‘not yet’.

As teens or young adults, we still have that hope that things will work out in our life stories, and thankfully for many things do work out beautifully and quite smoothly. Lately I have seen (virtually online) in church, young couple after young couple meeting and getting married. I’ve seen it happen in the lives of my friends too. It hasn’t / didn’t happen for me, and I’m no longer in quite that ‘young adult’ phase. A lot of my dreams didn’t come to pass. And even if they do, there is a reality of the world that we all have to face.

I wonder what you are facing just now. Many people I know, despite the pandemic, are thriving in life. We all have different ideas of what that means, but I know of many people who are happy, healthy, and are still able to move forwards in their circumstances, whether that be in their relationship, marriage, or young families. But I also know that there are people everyday facing loss, whether due to covid or something else.

You only need to read the news headlines to realise that there are plenty of people whose lives aren’t what they would have hoped. Maybe you are feeling lonely or anxious, maybe you are worried about your job, or your children have gone astray or you’ve lost someone you cared about.

We do have a tendency to look at and compare our lives with those of people who seem to have everything going well for them. Perhaps they do, and good for them, but perhaps a look under the surface might tell a different story.

Don’t waste today worrying about tomorrow. Maybe things won’t work out they way you hoped, but maybe there is something you can cherish today. Maybe there is something you can enjoy today.

And while you gain strength in being able to appreciate your life just now, even as you take steps to improve things, and perhaps even to walk out a life of faith, think of how you might be able to help or encourage someone else who is having a hard time themselves.

Reaching out helps us live out more of our humanity. It recognises the needs and concerns of someone else, taking us away from looking just at our selves or our own needs. Can you connect with someone, message them, phone them, send them a gift, say thank you, pray for them, reach out in some way? Can you write a blog post to encourage someone else on their journey?

Remember that you’re not alone if you feel like things aren’t going as you’d hoped, but perhaps there is something you can do about that today, or maybe you can use your feelings and experience to help you to reach out and make someone else’s day a little brighter. x

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7 thoughts on “So, you’re life isn’t perfect right now….?”

  1. You’ve done a very fine job here is expressing your innermost thoughts and deep feelings about what is going on in your life around you and inside you as well; your humanity is showing here in my eyes and heart I can see that in you! I like your deep thinking and genuine reflection or genuflection to God and yourself some say!

    Many of your dreams didn’t come true and that makes me wonder about you as to how you really are and whether you realize yet that overall in the end it’s not what we made happen or what dreams we came up with and brought about because we are heading to eternity as you know, and that is the big thing to be concerned about! I do believe in God and His plan so as long as I end up making it to heaven I don’t care two shakes of a lambs tail what I get out of this life; though I admit I feel like you about maybe wishing I could have gotten something else to happen that would nail it down making me feel really joyful about this life and how I lived it over these years! But what would that be, I think anything would fall short of being that idyllic except maybe a great and beautiful relationship with a beautiful genuine heart woman, to me there isn’t anything better, if one can even be found; and I think in this upside-down world the way it is today that is a hard order to fill for both women and men. But to be that close and happy equally would be so cool too. I had a few relationships that lasted a few years each and I usually saw how it wasn’t going to be so simple and that idyllic; but part of me still thinks it’s possible, though only if God willed it; and so here I am feeling a lot like you do!

    I did try to shoot for the stars a bit as they say and really was out in Hollywood, something I thought about since a boy, but even though I got right into the studios practically off the street and was meeting some of the right people one might think to start building up a huge movie writing, directing or acting career; I pulled the plug on it rather soon, when things seemed like they were ready to pop!

    Now I think about it like my Dad said once while sitting at the kitchen table at my aunt’s house with just him, talking about these things and he listened very carefully being a great listener and then said while tapping on the table with his index finger; “right here this is where God wanted you to be!” I pretty much know he said the right thing because I do have that strong sense I’m right where I’m supposed to be and like I said, what comes will be the greatest thing so not to worry!

    I feel that you are a terrific exceptional and wonderful person; so that whole thing about many people you know got married and so on, is nothing to be concerned with at all, and you are fine who you are and how you are! I like how you are, without my ever having met you, somehow; so I hope this makes sense to you!

    You know you are beautiful inside and God knows it and loves you; so that is great!
    God bless you.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Oh here; you may find this interesting to read which is about that experience at Hollywood!

    Getting Lost in The Hills

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and my musings about life, and thoughts about The LORD. You are very kind in what you have expressed and I appreciate that – it is nice to know that my anonymous writings may have touched even one person so that is encouraging. I have been increasingly aware that it is not about ‘storing up treasures on earth’ but about the beautiful closeness and satisfaction and true Love that Christ can give us tangibly in our walk with Him on earth, as well as knowing that the new earth is a Real place. Praying on and fervently for those who don’t know Him or that Reality yet. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your blog link, I will take a look, and sorry if it takes a while for me to respond as I am working full time so sometimes I don’t check my blog. Blessings to you and may He fulfil His perfect plans for your life.

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      1. Hi There Sister in Christ Jesus! Awww you hit it out of the park here and thank you very much! “I have been increasingly aware that it is not about ‘storing up treasures on earth’ but about the beautiful closeness and satisfaction and true Love that Christ can give us tangibly in our walk with Him on earth, as well as knowing that the new earth is a Real place.”
        You keep on that way! That is just right as I see it! I have to get to the store food shopping and later will be at this a bit more before bed; so I want to reflect on this more, and will have additional comments for you without any doubt!!!
        You did touch me very beautifully and I’m so grateful! Sleep well and pleasant dreams! I’ll be up for several more hours so I have time to spend praying and meditating here!
        God bless you!

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      2. Hi 🙂 Thank you so much, you are an encouragement, and yes keep praying, keep seeking Him. Many people around me don’t believe…don’t know Him….but He Is real, and this is a time we should be praying as the days are dark in the world. We are on different time zones I think….10pm here 🙂 Enjoy your day and your time in prayer. God bless.

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      3. Yes I just had to toss some peanuts out to a cardinal that visits my back window as the darkness approaches and that kept me here till now but running off now because I won’t want to go later; LOL! I want to kickback more in a few hours! But you sent this in time to confirm something I was thinking! We have some things we can talk about; very much so! I want to talk to you! 🙂
        Several hours difference but I will be looking to touch base when you have rested, so what is best for you is fine with me! I get up early and that might work better for you!
        I will write more tonight either way I’m just in need to get this trip to the market done, or no fruits and other important items for breakfast!!
        Thank you very much again and I’m happy to hear you got anything out of my writing to you; even just a laugh would be cool but this is much better!!
        Bless you! 🤗🙏🐼💐🎀🙏⭐✝️🕊🙏🌟

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  2. Sorry I may have posted this long comment in the wrong place so your choice where you want it to fit!

    First of all I have to say WOW! I’m telling you this is some beautiful writing and to the heart and soul of what is going on in this world or what it’s all about and why we are here; really! You’re so right so many people don’t connect to this or get it; as you mentioned when we are just teens or some people even into middle age and beyond, they keep fighting the Truth that is really deep inside and nothing in this world will bridge the gap or fill the void necessary to give that sense of completeness and joy which isn’t a material tangible thing as it transcends time and space but it must and does exist most assuredly; as we think our lives here in this limited material plane is the what we are an all we can be, when it’s not even scratching the surface of what exists beyond our comprehension and indeed our limited cognitive perceptions!

    This is where Jesus Christ can surely come in to make sure we see more than this surface value of life here, and know that He is real and absolutely wants to share all He has to offer with us out of His infinite love, and to totally fulfill us; filling us with His love and glory in a complete existence that is something that we don’t have the ability to fathom now which is why Trusting Him becomes so imperative. Because He has told us that He wants us to walk with him and follow for a while carrying our crosses in a difficult circumstance, but, He has promised us that staying on our path doing the Father’s will is the only way to live, and to everlasting life in His kingdom!

    We can see how very short our time here really is comparatively speaking in the cosmic sense of space time, our being part of the universe and its vastness, yet each of us is barely a blip on the radar, just small flickering flames like candles in the breeze not much hope it would seem to really matter to the universe, and like the old saying, “here today gone tomorrow,” is really how it measures up to be a human being in a place that in terms of the entire known universe is about 13 Billion years old and the earth around 4.5 Billion. Depending on what school of thought and hard evidence we consider many scientists figure a forerunner of we humans was beginning life on earth about 6 Millions years ago and advanced to the more human form that we actually consider to be us more classically around 300,000 years ago, to be followed by actual Homo sapiens who were the actual ancestors that began civilization only about 6000 years ago!

    Now I’m a bit tired at the moment and I know I brought this up for good reason which off the top of my head I want to say that the mystery and absolute awe of existence is profoundly captivating to me but when I place myself and my mere life into this perspective I have to admit if I have my wits about me, what can I actually amount to or what significance can I really have in the big picture or a universe and billions of people! Not much as I see it and you rightly mentioned how when we are very young we are so full of exuberance and dreams of making an impact or really becoming somebody so that others and maybe the whole world will say wow, you really did something with your life and you’re a kind of important person! Now I have to laugh and say I felt that and know so differently now how that doesn’t mean anything it’s all a lot of hot air and whimsical nonsense! Because say for example the universe goes on like it has been for another few Billion years and in that time the sun could become a red giant and the nearest planets including earth would be absorbed into the sun and eventually the red giant would under its own weight and gravity become a white dwarf! Just considering these concepts helps me to put my own life into perspective and realize that even all of earthly civilization amounts to nothing but a hill of beans, unless there is a lot more going on than meets the eye and that the human mind isn’t capable of fathoming!

    But now that I spaced out our existence a bit in abstract terms let’s get right back down to earth and the old brass tacks as they say.

    Where are you or I going with all of this scratching the surface and digging into some fascinating ideas or knowledge that even will really matter at the end of our lives here or further down the road or timeline as to the point would anyone care if there are people around millions of years from now or even just hundreds about who I was and what I did with my life? And what good would any of that matter in time when I’m dead and buried anyway! It wouldn’t matter in the scheme of material existence at all. But looking at what you said here in this portion of your essay that I quote; maybe I can finally say what I think is the one thing that matters.

    “I think of that stage in life that teenagers pass through when it feels like their whole future is ahead of them, and that it is the time when dreams are beginning to take shape as they think of what they will ‘become’ in life.”

    “I think many people long for significance, they long to ‘make a name’ for themselves, and maybe at one point in my teenage years I did too….we all want to leave a legacy or to be important in some way. As life stages change and we realize more about the world and how easily and quickly things and people become forgotten with the sands of time, perhaps some of us begin to ‘let go’ gracefully of the things we once thought were important.”

    “I think that desire for immortality is deep within us all. For me, I realize now that the significance we are all really searching for is that Deep, Pure and Perfect Love and Satisfaction that can only come from The One Who formed us.”

    I think you nailed it down dashingly and so perfectly my Sister in Christ Jesus! You caused me to think of this Scripture immediately when I read this article essay of yours and it says so much about all of what I have written here; and what you finely tuned in on!

    “10but when the perfect comes, the partial passes away. 11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I set aside childish ways. 12Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

    Those people you mention that say speaking about Jesus Christ and His being the Truth is all so deluded, unscientific, illogical or blinded; I can categorically and unequivocally say that I know for sure they are all of those things, and they miss the boat or point totally; they are “the blind leading the blind!” I have discovered through my own life experiences and being open to Jesus Christ my whole life that He is absolutely real and does let me know in many ways or instances; sometimes very obvious and profound ways too.

    God did not create us to be lost in the massive universe to be drifting in a material plane of existence like so many wild seeds that haphazardly float about having no greater meaning or Divine planned meaning!

    We were created in God’s image meaning we have this contemplative, creative and ethereal conceptualization of existence and our own place in it, which we can only see to a point on our own! But then He did provide us with great wisdom in His word, the Holy Scriptures to provide us a rudder to navigate in this big world with a destination in mind and heart that He has already told us about; which is to end up with Him and our Father in their heavenly eternal kingdom!

    For now because its late in the day I think I can share some much further explanation here with a couple of my previous writings that speak to this very specifically and one in particular where I was led to some concrete evidence that Jesus Christ provided through design and Divine plan to acknowledge me and my faith in Him.

    That is one that I wrote called “The Salvation Stone” will I hope confirms what you already know! And then the following essay called “Always Walking with Jesus Christ” that should be self-explanatory and again further confirmation about His presence is close at hand always; He truly wants us to seek and love Him to the best of our ability and to me this is the crux of this whole subject, of what to do with our lives and what really matters! Without Jesus Christ our lives will be empty and have no ultimate true meaning, but will only serve to be like chaff or those flickering candles in the breeze, “here today gone tomorrow!” He is our only Hope!

    God bless you and I will pray that something here is truly helpful to you!

    “The Salvation Stone”

    Always Walking With Jesus Christ

    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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