Celebrate and Give Thanks for the Small Things…

It is crazy that we are still in a pandemic. I know of many people who take it in their stride, and who are going out into life and doing enjoyable things, celebrating life, as it were. You might not be one of those people, and you may be feeling that life is kind of ‘small’ as you navigate your way through the day to day, perhaps feeling stressed, worried or anxious by the news headlines, and not knowing what to make of life or how to get through your days.

It can be easy to get caught up in the ‘comparison trap’ and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, even as we are made more aware of our own mortality, of the shortness of our time on earth, and of our concerns as to what will happen to us and to those we love.

If you’re following my blog, then you are perhaps someone who is trying to navigate through feelings of anxiety or uncertainty as many of the posts I write aim to help people with this.

One way in which we can live life better, even in the midst of it all, is to slow down and be thankful for the ‘small’ things in life, taking time to notice them, to be grateful for what we do have and what is going on in our lives, today, right now.

Yesterday I saw a beautiful rainbow, albeit faint and surrounded by grey clouds, soon to disappear from view. I saw it nonetheless and I enjoyed those moments. Today I am thankful that I can hug my mum, and enjoy her smile and laughter and the way she remembers me when I was little and still expresses these things to me. ❤ I’m grateful to be able to work from home, rather than having to go out into the colder weather of October, especially while the pandemic is far from over. I’m grateful for more time to pray and intercede for people, and to draw near to the Living God, and feel His Love and Peace and Comfort filling me from within. ❤

Sometimes we need the gentle reminder to humble ourselves, to repent, and turn away from looking at the lives we don’t have in order to better appreciate what we have been given. No doubt many of you will be going through difficult times just now, and perhaps anxiety is a big feature of that in uncertain days, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find beauty and treasure in the small things of the day to day. You can celebrate the gifts and achievements of others, even those that you don’t have yourself. Time is short, and fleeting. You can put something of worth back into the world, something kind, true, noble, valuable, even if no one else sees it.

You can slow down and appreciate the beauty of today. This day. This miracle unfolding in which you are a part of.

It helps. It helps to change and soften our anxious hearts. Let the Light in. Let Love be greater than fear for you, in this moment, today. ❤

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12 thoughts on “Celebrate and Give Thanks for the Small Things…”

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Good Job! Keep seeing those rainbows and have faith in God Almighty because the bottom-line as I see it is no human being on this earth knows enough or is benevolent enough to guide any of us to the right 100% Truth answers; let alone the right destination!

    The world is a twisted jumbled up mess or concoction of everybody trying to get something as in aka money not that money as a needed tool to survive is not horrible but it is all part of the corrupted system and money becomes a goal in a sense a thing we worship and want more than we actually need to live day to day so that leads to all kinds of manipulation and trickery to get it., status or power, ego stroking or maybe for some to even just get through the day to their next high; as in smoke some weed or have a few cocktails!

    I’m definitely about not sugar coating anything and especially half-truths or the sinful ways of this world. The entire system globally and locally is all about façades and outright deceptive games people are all playing to one degree or another! Look what Main Stream Media has become a total wasteland of moronic idiocy shows and games making fools out of people or its being a tool to propagandize the public as in brainwash like they did for the global fraud pandemic! So many lies and so many liars that can look themselves in the mirror and not be disgusted; very wicked world!

    The insanity that has taken control of them a majority of the human race will not be going away anytime soon or in the distant future! I figure this because there are way too many people that still think there is a pandemic and regardless of what Sars2 Corona Virus is out there it’s not Ebola or some alien life form that will destroy masses of people but the vaccines will and the real survival rate for the average human being is 99.97%; yet nearly half the global population think they should believe that they need a vaccine which is an experimental genetic altering concoction that had no long term trials as has been the case for any previous approved vaccines to be injected directly into human beings. Nope, this only got an EUA by political strings being pulled with even after all of the vaccine injured and dead around the world it got an extension, basically more lies or smoke and mirrors to fake out the people! And now it’s being pushed to be mandatory for all children 5 to 11 years of age! When the propaganda hasn’t worked well enough for everyone to willingly take the jab, the government officials start using coercion and threatening tactics to make the people believe they must get the jab or else, and that or else is “totalitarian control,” to take away freedom and human rights for not complying!

    This is all irrational behavior being driven by some of the lowest and slimiest people that ever existed with a big agenda behind it! Look at the horrid and disgusting Soros, a monster of a person from back in WWII that would spy and tell the Nazi Gestapo where Jew families were hiding and then once they were taken away to the Nazi Death Camps he would pillage their belongings, and then fast forward to the past 50 years or more; all he has done is pull the rug out from under small businesses or communities like a hostile corporate take over on a broad scale and come up with nefarious plans to weaken communities in order to go in and buy up everything he can after they collapse; then reconstitute the businesses with his own people! As far as Vaccines go, he has been right on the same money making “diabolical scheme page” with Bill Gates and Xi Jinping all working for the diabolical forces of hell with many other cohorts around the globe! Add to this Soros stated back in 1979 that he “Hates America and all of the People in it;” he further stated that it was “his life mission to destroy it!”

    I fully agree with your statement:
    “Time is short, and fleeting. You can put something of worth back into the world, something kind, true, noble, valuable, even if no one else sees it.”

    That is something that would have made a big difference if most people on the planet had been doing that all along! Now it’s too late to wish all the global corruption away or to fantasize that it will work itself out! This crazy pandemic situation should spell out clearly what potential and probably manmade schemes or scenarios are up the road that will ultimately bring everything to a head!

    So my point to add by all of this spiel of mine is that the only answer that there can really be, is God Almighty! And that is what all or hopefully most people will begin to focus on daily, if they haven’t been already; with actual prayer and worship, to seek the final resolution to all of these woes upon mankind that it by itself cannot resolve; no matter how much they wish or think they can!

    Thank you for the good thoughts and “rainbow” insights! I add that it is my prayer that most of the human race will really awaken to “the reality” of what is happening and “seek God daily” in prayer and action!
    God’s blessings and Mercy!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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      1. Thank you Sister in Christ that is fantastic! I do write too much sometimes so you are wise to wait until you have the time and feel ready to read it! Just a caution I sometimes say things and think I thought it out well enough but later realize I should have explained better! Do not hesitate to point out anything you see as an error or not said well enough, and I will be ready to write much more if necessary to bridge the gap!

        I really liked your post here and think you make so much sense; you have a gentler feel for things and I understand that completely; I used to be the family’s eternal optimist or go to guy from my childhood to later years, but, then when one would not think people could be brutal to a nice person they were horrible, so still, I’m not holding grudges that would do no good and I’m not that way, but I am a human too, so not perfect and took a lot of abuse; thus the no sugar coating thing! I think more than a reflex it’s me telling a cautionary tale or using that manner of explaining to let people know that they need to beware sometimes more than they would expect to have to be with other people, and so don’t slough off; there are too many zingers out there looking for a place to land!
        Rest well and thank you again.

        God bless you.
        Brother in Christ,

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