Pack a Shoebox for Christmas….

Well, it’s almost Christmas, so why not if you feel so led, consider giving a child a gift by getting involved in Operation Christmas Child – you can even send a pre-packed shoebox by donating online if you can’t manage to do this in person.

5 thoughts on “Pack a Shoebox for Christmas….”

  1. This is a wonderful way to show our Lord that we love and thank Him for all He has done for us, by this act giving with love in our hearts to the innocent beautiful children during this most important season when God gave us Jesus!
    Thank you my Sister in Christ Jesus for this urgent and timely notification.

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      1. More than happy to help!
        I was sending several Shoebox for Christmas gifts but need to hear back from the Samaritans as to how I can use PayPal to donate as that is my primary method.
        Either that or I’ll send a money order via mail to them!
        It’s a great idea and way to try helping a bit!
        God bless you too Sister!

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