Some gentle advice…

It’s hard to put into words what is happening in humanity right now. It is hard to know how to react. The senseless violence that many are facing right now is overwhelming. If you are not in that situation and are affected by it all, it can be hard to know how to process and look at things.

I am writing this post with a dear friend in mind. Someone with a deep and compassionate heart who is grief stricken by what is happening.

There is no way of saying how people should be dealing with or processing things going on in the world right now, and I am seeing many people who are switching off from it and turning to look for how they can have the most fun in their lives. Others are finding different ways and means to cope with things, and there are some who are rising up to lead in relief and humanitarian efforts through acts of love and kindness big and small. I know of people who have gone into Kyiv to rescue refugees. I don’t know them personally, but through people in church who left Ukraine and who are now helping local efforts for refugees.

There is no right or wrong way to process or deal with such traumatic realities. Well, perhaps there are wrong ways when it causes harm to others, but one thing I can say is it is ok to care for yourself even if others are suffering.

It is ok to acknowledge overwhelming thoughts, emotions and the effect of seeing such human suffering and the horrors of what is happening. There are no words for this, and I am unable to spend a lot of time watching or thinking about it.

Try to be gentle with yourself, try to look at the ways you can care for and strengthen yourself and do what little you can to help in some way.

Take one day at a time, remember you are important and realise that there is a lot that we are not in control of but where we can make a change or add compassion to the world, we can try a little at a time to focus on that.

There are no easy answers. But know that caring for yourself even when others are suffering is ok. ❤ x

One thought on “Some gentle advice…”

  1. God would never advocate foolishness and not caring for our own individual life needs while in the flesh would be on its face foolish and unwise! Sure there are moments or specific circumstances that can arise when say a parent in having to put all of their efforts into protecting or saving their own child in a dire situation a sacrifice of self is made and perhaps a parent under those conditions has to neglect his or her own personal needs for the better of the child’s needs taking precedent and that is heroic and virtuous which God will always reward and only good can come from such completely selfless acts of love and devotion!

    But again as a rule it’s obvious to me that what you said about taking care of one’s self is an essential responsibility without question and this applies to mental, physical and of course our spiritual well-being as we follow our paths in this life seeking to be with our heavenly Father and Jesus when our appointed time arrives. Amen.

    I think a clear example of this idea taken to the maximum level of duty and following our Father’s will in some circumstances is this.

    “No greater love have a man, than that he might lay down his life for his friend” (or Brother). Jn. 15:13, KJV
    God bless!

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