Someday I will be gone from this world….

Someday I will be gone from this world, and if anyone happens upon my blog (if it still exists) they may have no idea of who I am….obviously, since it is anonymous, yet isn’t is strange to think that others can observe and read of some essence of the journey of someone’s soul through this life?

This life is a breath, a vapour, so transient. For those of us who are thinkers, we perhaps approach young adulthood thinking and trying to discover a greater sense of meaning, of purpose, and trying to find a vision for our lives, and perhaps escape some of those troublesome ‘growing up’ years and their lingering imprints upon our hearts and minds.

As we progress through life, or perhaps even for young people nowadays, our minds realise that death is not such an abstract concept. One of my dear friends passed away from this life just last week. She was 65. In my younger years, years of searching as a teenager, I had different concepts of what might happen after death, and like some thought of some kind of ‘oneness’ with the universe. That was until I had a powerful encounter with Christ and so many things changed for me eternally in reality and in my outlook and life. That being said I take comfort in knowing that my dear friend Teresa is in perfect peace with Him. I realise this is not a view of reality that some of my readers share, but still the past few years with the Coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine and a society that is increasingly unsettled and even violent in places has brought thoughts of life and death to the minds of many.

Much of what has been happening in the news and across the world has brought unsettling thoughts and worries to our minds, and while I know many people who have ‘sailed through’ and are enjoying life, some of us have more sensitive minds and have found it hard to ‘switch off’ those worries and anxieties.

There is something of a relief and a release in writing, in sharing our thoughts and getting away from the things that trouble our minds. Brains can be funny places, they can bring forth inspiration and wonder, yet they can also lead us into dark and confusing places, which is why we need to take our thoughts captive and work on choosing what and how we think, but the mind can be a battleground.

Sometimes it helps to slow down, to prop up our feet, to watch the world go by from our window and to blog a little. Life may be fleeting but it is happening now, take it in, take a deep breath and take a moment to contemplate, and take a moment just to be. ❤ x