Mental help

At times we can feel like we’re the only person feeling the way we are or we may be frustrated that we are feeling and thinking in ways that we know aren’t helping us, but we don’t know the way out, and that can make it feel all the more frustrating.

In this moment, I’m thankful that I have the gift and outlet of the blog to reach out to someone feeling the way I am just now. It can be hard to be human, no doubt. It can be difficult and confusing to have brains that don’t always serve us well and thoughts and feelings that can be confusing.

You are not your thoughts:

Something that has helped me to hear is that ‘you are not your thoughts’, and that the ‘stuff in your head’ is just ‘stuff in your head’. It can be difficult to separate ourselves out from what’s going on seemingly inside us, but regardless of what your mind is telling you, you are unique, valuable, treasured and worthy. You are the only one of you – one of one, not one in a million, and you are not your thoughts. I believe that each one of us are worth dying for, worth the blood of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, that’s how precious and valuable our lives are, but even if you don’t believe that in this moment, know that you are unique and valuable.

Brain overload:

Our brains have had to process so much in our lifetimes and in the past few years globally. The amygdala and its fight / flight response can trick us into feeling that we are constantly under threat and we can lose perspective of who we are, our worth and what is actually real about our lives. Maybe we use ‘coping mechanisms’ to help us through. If you’re going through this, even when you’re trying to rest, know that you are not what’s happening in your brain and you’re not alone – you’re certainly not the only person experiencing mental, emotional or physical distress and it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you – you’re human, and these experiences are part of the human condition.

Finding an outlet:

It can be easy to listen to and follow up on the thoughts that come into our minds, even if they are not helpful to us or are confusing. We can feel bad about ourselves for doing so and that can make it worse. But we don’t need to follow every thought that pops into our minds, they’re not real, and we don’t need to go down every rabbit hole.

Finding an outlet can be helpful to distract us, and I know that can be difficult at times especially if coupled with low mood. But we can start small, telling ourselves that ‘this too will pass’, affirming that we are not our thoughts, that thoughts aren’t real, and that we are valuable no matter what anyone else has said or what our own minds tell us. We are unique, valuable and one of a kind, anything contrary to that is a lie.

Eating well can fuel our bodies and our minds, as can finding positive and true things to think upon such as watching or contemplating something in nature and being careful of the media we take in or the thoughts we dwell on. Reading something helpful or studying can activate certain areas in our brain that are more ‘rational’, and reaching out to talk to someone can also help as can doing something creative even if for a little while.

You are not alone:

It can be a hard battle to fight to try to untangle ourselves from the many messages we’ve taken in or the chemical reactions going on in our brains involuntarily, but you are definitely not alone friend, so please don’t give up. Even if you find a little relief from your distress for a moment it will help you to think a bit more clearly and perhaps you can find a regular healthy outlet that can help you to build up more positive thought patterns, resilience and connections in your mind.

One thought at a time.

I also take comfort in my faith in knowing that on another level I’m not alone and never will be alone. Jesus said, ‘Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest for your souls…’ He knows us on every level and will never cast aside anyone who comes to Him.

And you’re not alone in your human experience as there are millions of other people going through mental health issues throughout the world. Take heart and don’t give up. Do something kind for your mind today. ❤ x

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16 thoughts on “Mental help”

  1. A very positive and humane message here Sister! I can appreciate where you are coming from and I love the thoughts and ideas that strike a positive tone in the heart here!

    But I have some bad news to add into this flowery bouquet of heartfelt words which is to say, that much of the human race is very corrupted and so much so now that we have this artificial digital empire occupying a lion’s share of people’s lives these days which is only getting worse and supports the agenda of the Evil One totally taking mankind away from God and into self or false beliefs and ideologies! Many people are becoming evil and don’t even have a clue or they just accept so many horrible vulgar atrocities and think it’s OK; like abortion!

    Far too many people are now being frauds or plastic phony facsimiles of what a real genuine human being was intended by God Almighty to be; we even see out in the open conversation and promotion of trans-human science toward cyborg AI intelligence incorporated with human beings to make us something alien to God and the original Adam and Eve! This is all coming from the Evil One!

    I can see clearly that multitudes, probably even billions of people are running off rampantly as the literal Lost Sheep and children of God!

    We can also consider and remember what a theologian/friend once told me while he was studying for the priesthood; that God’s judgment is great and perfect but his mercy is greater!

    Then recently a woman who is a member of a very devout and strict order of Catholic nuns explained to me how God has an “ocean of mercy.”

    As I see it we are all fallen from God’s grace and unworthy of being in the presence of absolute Holy God in His glory and perfection. But through the sacrificial gift of redemption through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we can be made worthy by this cleansing of our immortal souls by the shed perfect body and blood of Christ. This is available to any of God’s children who are willing to admit all of their faults and sins with a sincere completely humble repentance from our deepest heart, giving our hearts to Him our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who redeems us into the glory and presence of our Father in heaven; providing us with perfect eternal life.

    I see as the best to me shining example of this; being what God illustrated on the day Christ was crucified and to his right side also being crucified was Dismas, while to the left was Gestas. Gestas mocked and rejected Jesus and all He was saying aloud directly to them, Gestas having no faith in the Son of God coming in this perfect human form as the Savior; the Sacrificial Lamb of God! But, Dismas was the opposite becoming thoroughly moved, ashamed, remorseful and sorrowful for having wasted his life and being a sinful scoundrel of a man who admitting from his own mouth and lips said he deserved every bit of the punishment that he was receiving, but that Jesus was who He said He was and didn’t deserve any of what was being done to Him on that cross.
    And here is what saint Dismas said; to which Jesus replied.

    Luke 23:41-43 “We are punished justly, for we are receiving what our actions deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.” 42Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!” 43And Jesus said to him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

    Parable of the Lost Sheep
    “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”
    Luke 15:3-7

    High-Level Takeaway:
    “Although it may not seem sensible to leave 99 sheep to go search for 1 lost sheep, the shepherd knew the 99 would be safe within the sheepfold, and it was the 1 that was lost that was in critical danger. Also, each sheep was of significant value, so the shepherd knew that finding the lost sheep was worth his time. Similarly, God’s love for each of us is so great that he seeks each of us and rejoices each time one of us is “found.” Like sheep, when we are “lost” (lost in sin) we are in critical danger, and Jesus is our good shepherd who seeks us and saves us!”

    Parable of the Lost Sheep (a “Deeper Dive” Commentary)
    “In Luke 15:3-7 and Matthew 18: 10-14, Jesus taught His disciples a simple story to illustrate a spiritual truth. Jesus taught about a shepherd who had 100 sheep, and one of the sheep wondered off by itself. The sheep was lost; the word “lost” is the same word that means “perish.” In other words, in great danger, headed for destruction, because it had left the safely of shepherd’s flock. A shepherd knows all of his sheep and is concerned about the condition of every one of them. He decides to go after that sheep and save it, because it went astray!”

    “God knows whether people are saved or lost, he knows the condition of every lost soul and devised a plan to do something about it. He sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for their sins so they wouldn’t have to be punished. By coming to earth as a human being, Jesus died on a cross to reconcile us to a Holy God, because we were spiritually separated from Him due to our sinful nature inherited from our natural parents.”

    “That lost sheep in the story may have wandered away from the shepherd, but because the shepherd is a “good” shepherd who loves and cares about his sheep, he went looking for it. Another shepherd might have counted the 99 and decided it wouldn’t be worth his trouble, and the time it would cost him to go after just one dumb sheep. But Jesus is not like that, He is the “Good Shepherd” who came to this world to give His life because He cares about us.”

    “The shepherd in this story didn’t stop until his mission had been completed and the sheep had been found! The final words that Jesus cried out on a cross when He was crucified was “It is finished.” The Good Shepherd perfectly fulfilled His mission, and all those who believe in what He did for them by shedding His sinless blood are saved, adopted into God’s family, and guaranteed a home in Heaven. The sheep that was lost was now found, saved because of what the Good Shepherd did for it. The word “saved” means “to rescue from all harm.” That’s what Jesus, the Great Shepherd, did for all of us to deliver us from the penalty and power of sin.”

    “By believing that fact, God declares us righteous, meaning just as if we had never sinned at all, which gives us the legal right to make us fit to enter a holy heaven.”

    “That sheep in this story may have been dumb enough to have wandered away from the flock, but getting it home was the responsibility of that good shepherd who owned it.”

    “When the good shepherd found that sheep, he saved it and brought it home where it belongs. Jesus said in John 10:28, I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. True believers in Christ are described by Jesus as sheep; the Lord’s sheep are saved by God’s gift of undeserved grace.”

    “Jesus said he came into this world to “seek and to save that which is lost.” You don’t need to worry about being lost ever again, just as long as you place your faith in Jesus Christ.”

    “The Bible makes it clear that all the angels in heaven rejoice over every sinner who comes to Jesus by faith that secures eternal salvation for their lost soul.”

    “Because of that new spiritual rebirth, our relationship with Christ restores fellowship between a Holy God and lost sinners.”

    “Are you in a relationship with the Good Shepherd? or are you still lost? If so, then you can be saved, but only if you come to the one who can help you, and who died for you to take away your sins. His name is Jesus Christ.”

    © 2022 The Lost Lamb®. All Rights Reserved.

    In conclusion, we are heading into the worst of times for humanity in all its history even though so many are deluded thinking they are “the cat’s meow” as the saying goes or “the best of the best” being so sophisticated and smart; they are not, just more complicated and burdened with many falsehoods or lies, but yet even much dumber than many of the ancient people were, with their primitive ways and means to survive; in spite of all our advanced technology which is a double edged sword curse at best!

    We need God to return as soon as He sees fit, but I do believe the sooner the better with no doubt in my mind! Amen. 🙏

    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      1. Dear Sister in Christ Jesus,
        I really appreciate your quiet, gentle and graceful manner which is clearly expressed in your blog!

        So of course you are very welcome to anything I can offer to accentuate or share with you and your postings here; especially where it comes to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

        I pray that his blessings and mercy be with you in abundance always as you live your life serving our Father in heaven in “His holy name of Jesus!” Amen.

        Your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,

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      2. Hi Lawrence, thank you so much for your encouraging words, praying for you just now. That is so kind of you to say, and I am thankful if His nature is seen through my words. I appreciate your thoughts and what you also have to share, it is lovely to have the encouragement. God bless.

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  2. I’m very happy about every word you said here and what you expressed to me in prayer and thought through our Lord!

    “Encouraging” is obviously to me a key factor at work here in both this essay and the latest that I just commented on as well; and I know from experience and this self-evident truth inspiring right now, that the Holy Spirit which dwells in us is the helping hand of God giving direct encouragement to both of us!

    You see as you wrote this reply just now I was so busy seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance as to what I should say from my heart in response to reading your latest posting “Living it Out!” I found it to be very poignant and for me a soul searching impetus that I actually needed about now! What a blessing it was to read after responding to your last comment and then to double back to this posting and find your basically simultaneous writing of this reply to my last entry here! I find all of this profoundly refreshing and joyous because I know God is at work here and these things have happened at times which inspire as well as amaze me to no end; knowing that God has been paying total attention to us even if we in our sometimes lack, being so imperfect, can sometimes lose sight of this God truth, an insight, but, He is always there to remind us or in the ready to instruct us further on our life journey through the Holy Spirit our teacher if we are ready to learn; the Master Potter continually shaping us, these vessels of His Holy Spirit that dwells in us!

    It is my pleasure my Dear Friend and Sister to give to you any encouragement I possibly can and I’m in your debt to be quite frank!

    Thank you very much for this “turning point” or say “focal point” of added crystal clarity of further understanding that we’ve been blessed with here and to come!

    I tend to think it being much later there in the evening that you most likely are resting by the time this arrives, but, I’m happy to know it will be here in this posting for the early morning to pray and reflect on!
    God bless you!

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement once again and it is good to hear you say that God Is at work and for me to try to be more mindful of and aware of that. Actually, the other day I was thinking about the verse of the Potter and the clay and in the evening flipped my Bible open and it was on that verse, I shared something about the Potter and the clay to encourage someone else so it is interesting that you have mentioned it.

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      1. God bless you Sister in Chris Jesus!

        Thank you Lord Jesus! Isn’t that so profoundly beautiful what happened the other evening, when you were intentionally brought to that Potter verse and then I was compelled last evening to state what I did about it! I’ve written several times in my blog about God giving us incentives often time like dots are being connected before our eyes, fulfillment occurring in real time consciously, or signs appearing in our daily lives whether it’s being drawn to a verse as you were or someone in our lives suddenly saying something at the right moment; which then acts as an inspiration or boost and lift we needed as we walk along our paths! What I see or call “insight,” being in tune with the Holy Spirit and to really hear and see! We know the contrary to that is what the Scriptures tell us in this verse!

        Mark 8:17-19 “Aware of their conversation, Jesus asked them, “Why are you debating about having no bread? Do you still not see or understand? Do you have such hard hearts? 18‘Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear?’ And do you not remember? 19When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many basketfuls of broken pieces did you collect?” “Twelve,” they answered.”

        God’s miracles are all around us and even specific one’s we ask Him for in prayer from our devoted hearts if we are believing in Him our Lord and Savior, who is always aware of our needs and watching after us!

        Your mentioning the Potter and the clay as you did, then our both connecting to it here “is an affirmation from God,” who is working within us though His Holy Spirit and letting us know we are doing what God wants us to do, which is to follow Jesus Christ His Son; our Lord and Savior who is “shaping our lives right now,” preparing us for what “He has in mind for us!” Thanks be, to God!

        This all has been very powerful and beautiful, so full of “God’s love and grace” my Sister! I yearn for more and I promise to pray on it going forward to allow “His will to be done!” Amen.

        Bother and friend in Christ Jesus,

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      2. Amen. Thank you. You have expressed this so well, thank you about God’s fulfilment and connecting the dots. I actually prayed for encouragement today as I had been finding things a bit difficult and another friend messaged me and also mentioned they’d been given a verse from psalm 91 – this is one that God showed me again last week! Thanks for reminding me that He Is unfolding His purposes before our eyes if we will take notice. God bless.

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      3. You’re welcome and I’m very happy that the encouragement is making a difference for you!

        Yes He absolutely is doing that my Sister/Friend and in this case I can feel the blessing!

        Your prayers are already being answered so stay on course doing just as you are doing it is a most beautiful thing to behold God’s majesty and love when it comes our way in such a pronounced and vivid way!

        Oh and lets you and I agree here now that you are exceedingly far from useless! Of course that was just a human feeling getting in the way causing you to think that, because we all get them at times, so feeling in the dumps as they say isn’t any big deal; I get that way at times and I have to try harder to bring out my gentle side more like you seem to have no problem with! So you do encourage me too, and what I mean is, I’m very similar by nature loving nature, the things that grow, trees, animals etc. and these simple things that just exist that don’t complicate life the way we humans tend to do far too often are a comfort or counterbalance for me! I think I’m getting a bit more like C.S. Lewis as I grow older in my thinking or at least trying to bring that part of me out more, because I know how he struggled with his faith and even dumped it as you know after some very sad tragedies in his life, but then look how he wrote so much about natural things and how through it all he reflected so much faith in God and our purpose for being here; he was so compelled by God! My emotions are frustrated these days by what’s going on in the bigger human picture, with so much turmoil, deception and polarization due to all the building human and techno problems on the horizon! But we do realize this world isn’t going to become any euphoric always pleasant Shangri-La; so we must face a dichotomy of taking the good with the bad too!

        And listen, regardless of whether your postings make any difference by anyone’s standards, even your own expectations; the truth is you make a difference in the world “just being who you are,” which is what God created you to be! I see no drawback at all in what I perceive to be the real you! Actually you are more than a cut above the worldly fray or the masses, so rest assured “you are fine!”

        And look how much we see alike or are obviously on the same wavelength or page like they say or as the saying goes; and that is no accident, it’s all due to our love of God and Jesus being our compass!

        So yea I can boldly say what’s better than that!
        All looking good from where I sit or stand!
        To be continued, I do pray!

        Funny I just thought as I was departing how I had written about C.S. Lewis on a few occasions and one where it seems to align perfectly with what we are talking about here so here is a portion of that writing that I believe will tell us something!

        But, clearly the takeaway in all that I say here is that we are all lost and yet all found, because our Father in heaven knows us all better than anyone can and is always calling out to us watching from afar. C.S. Lewis went full circle being both a faithful son from the time he was a boy going to church with his beloved mother, whom when she died he couldn’t accept it and rebelled; so he became like a younger prodigal son and went astray while at the same time the older son within him who had known the Father all those years going to church never could, which led him to eventually serve our Father doing so much good for Christendom than he otherwise could have done if not for the hard lesson which restored his faith and motivated him! This the dichotomy of human life how we are all in a state of perpetual conflict actually stemming from our broken hearts, like C.S. Lewis’s, between doing what is right and what is wrong. Our conscience should be our guide but isn’t always taking the lead, and that is when we succumb to temptation and sin. I see how when I was so sure of myself at times in my past perhaps too proud under my earthly father’s wing in a sense, I was that older brother and son, but then the younger prodigal son took over or rose to the occasion gladly to stray or sin when I went off on my own coming and going as I pleased, no longer under the watchful eye and guidance of my earthly father. Our lives are like the test pilots always being tested until hopefully we are full-fledged astronauts going home on our final mission to God’s heavenly kingdom. But, when we are at our lowest points on this earthly journey and falling away or going astray is when our Father in heaven reaches out to us the most to come back into the fold and be lost no more; and when we do return, just like the prodigal son, it’s such a beautiful thing that happens for any of us, showing understanding and true love for Him our Father who is in heaven; which isn’t by our being like a controlled robot but by choice out of deep genuine love for Him, a true child of God’s.

        They say, we should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps when we are downtrodden, and those are words of wisdom! Only don’t expect AOC to agree or even get what you’re talking about! Some people only know illogical speak, or lack God in their hearts as I see it; in my mind! They are truly the blind leading the blind. Most important is that Jesus Christ promised that those who have faith in Him and abide in His living word that He will be with us to the end and forever! He is definitely with us and this is a “short ride;” so I often wonder how I wasted so much time! I really have to kick myself in the ass for that one; so much more I could have done better! But, the good news is there is no better time than the present, today, right now; to make the biggest impact! It’s a collective building power of faith, which can get over any mountain and make the impossible possible! Amen to that.

        Convergent Beam of light Rays:
        “when the rays of light coming from different directions meet a point, then such rays constitutes convergent rays.”
        1. Parallel beam of sunlight are made to incident on a solar cooker consisting of concave mirror so that the rays converge at focus point.
        2. The rays received by camera are converging through a lens.
        3. The rays entering in our eyes converge on the retina.


      1. Oh boy! And also sorrry for repeating some script here! I had your latest blog posting opened all opened side by side and taking my comment script form a Word file I copied too much including inadvertently some of the already posted commentary again! OOPS, I goofed up but I have to say I’m a bit tired tonight so that must be it or maybe the words were good enough to repeat in two locations? Of course you can always go ahead and amend any of it you like and I will understand!
        To be continued! Of course, how can I stop I’m just words galore here!
        Good night!

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