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The best things in life…

P1240246I live in Scotland, and this year, it has been a long long winter. Granted, much of our weather is on the colder and rainier side throughout the year, however, we had some of the heaviest snow we’ve had for a few years. Now, that in itself wouldn’t be so bad had some of these snow days not stretched right into March, with rainy and wintry spells during early April as well. There has also been forecasts of snow to follow towards the end of April and even into May!

So if you’re from a warmer country and think it unusual that we walk around in summer clothes on what you would consider a sunny yet cold day, perhaps even wintry on your scale, you might understand a little better how excited we get to have our little dose of warmth and sunlight. 

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to finally see some sunny days as we approach the beginning of May, and we know that we can’t predict a long hot summer, and that we have forecasts of rain intermittently between those sunnier days, so we really do lap up the goodness when we can. At last, the parks are full, people are out walking their dogs, running, skateboarding, cycling, meeting with friends, and the birds are noticeably chirpier as they sing their little springtime hearts out! 

There are few things in life sweeter than basking in the warmth of the sun streaming through your window. Time seems to slow down on days like this, especially when we have a cool breeze as well so that we can enjoy the warmer weather without feeling stifled by it. We wake up slowly into life again. Time slows, and the simple things, like listening to the sound of birds, relaxing in the warmth, enjoying nature, and taking time to notice the here and now, take on a richer significance in our experience. 

The best things in life are free, and we embrace them when we can, for many are not so fortunate to be blessed with both sweet weather and peaceful circumstances….we are not cocooned from the troubles going on in the world, and yet, the sweetness of the simple things in life is still to be enjoyed and appreciated, that as we are refreshed in our souls, we can give out more love to a world that so greatly needs it. 

So my little gift is to share with you the joy of spring’s arrival in a cold country….the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain…so we make the best of each season of life as it comes to us, and share with each other the goodness along the way. Be blessed. xx

p.s. what is spring like where you are? 🙂




What Day Is It? …

Good Morning Friends! 🙂

P1120242 (2).JPG

At least I know it’s the morning. You may have detected a hint of confusion from the title of this blog post, as I’m not entirely convinced what day it is! Have you ever had one of those mornings or days? Life as it happens to be this morning has been one of those mornings when I hit the snooze alarm a few too many times, and finally decided I need to get up for work and get ready and dressed, as after all it’s Friday, right? First though, I thought, I’ll take five minutes or so to check on what’s going on in ‘blogland’ with my site and catch up on what’s new with my blogging friends. Only, before I can even launch my site, I notice that the computer is having trouble launching the internet and the calendar on my screen tells me that it’s Saturday morning, and not Friday morning. Hey, well, at least I know it’s the morning, whatever morning that might be! I’m sure you’ve all had the experience at some point in your life when you’ve woken up convinced you either have to go to work or a meeting or appointment or some sort of thing scheduled on your calendar only to find that you in fact have a free day, and so you can relax! Then the relief kicks in, ‘ah, it’s the weekend! or ‘I actually have nowhere in particular that I need to be, I can relax!’. Only, the relief didn’t kick in for me as I wasn’t entirely convinced, still thinking that maybe my computer is wrong. Well, I had to phone my mum to confirm, and ask her a few times as I still wasn’t convinced….but it looks like it is the weekend after all….so confused or not, I wish you all a very happy weekend. Put your feet up, relax, and enjoy some unhurried blogging time! Ah, bliss! …..   🙂 xxx

Comment below and share what you’re doing today, or what you would do on a typical lazy Saturday morning! 🙂 Let me know of any experiences when you’ve woken up convinced it’s a different day! 🙂 And what would you do with a free day all to yourself with no particular things to do or places to be?