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Thoughts and Prayers for the people of London

Following last night’s tragic news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-40148548

I’d like to pay my respects to all of those who have lost their lives, to the families and friends now in mourning, to the people around the world living in fear, and to the emergency services who reach out with bravery in dark times like this.

It is a sad world we live in when this is the kind of news we wake up to with increasing regularity. There is so much suffering and violence across the world that it is easy to become overwhelmed and to lose hope.

However, let’s encourage each other to believe that all of our small acts of kindness and love add up to stem the flow of such hatred in the world, and let us keep being lights in the darkness where we can.

I’d like to offer a prayer in this sad time.

Gracious God and Loving Heavenly Father,  I praise You for You are Good and You are LOVE. I know it breaks and grieves Your Heart to see Your creation, who You created to be vessels of love, instead *choose* darkness and hate, and leave so much pain and suffering in their wake.

Heavenly Father, I pray that You will shine Your Light into this dark world. I pray today particularly for what is happening in London. I ask that You will forgive us for all the ways we turn our backs on Your Perfect Way of Love and Truth and Peace, Kindness and self-sacrifice for Your glory and for the good of others. I pray for salvation for all of us in this lost and troubled world, and that You will bring good out of this tragic situation. I pray for protection over the city of London, over the country, and over this world. I pray that you will restrain the works of evil and that you will bring hope to those in darkness. I pray for healing and comfort for those who are suffering physically, mentally and in grieving for the loss of loved ones. I pray for those who are in critical conditions in hospital or elsewhere, that You will save their souls and restore their lives.

I pray for wisdom, discernment and strength and  courage for all of those who are in positions of responsibility, whether they are our emergency services, politicians, leaders or community figures. I pray for all of us individually, that You will soften our hearts, and give us a desire to reach out to You and to hear You, that we may be the men and women You desire us to be in this generation, speaking out in Truth and Love, and bringing comfort where we can to the hurting.

I pray for wisdom for the leaders regarding the UK’s upcoming general election.

I pray for anyone reading this right now who has in some way been affected whether directly or indirectly by these events. Heavenly Father, please surround them with Your Love and protection, help them see Jesus and know Him as their Saviour – the Only One Who will never leave them nor forsake them. Keep them safe. Comfort them with Your love and Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Give them strength and courage to overcome fear and draw them to a place of safety where they can be healed and comforted and restored, and that You may use their lives for good in this world.

Heavenly Father, please intervene and intercede for us, keep us safe and shine Your light and love into this dark world. I love You and thank You for the hope that You bring, in Jesus. Amen.”