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“Travelling Teaches You” (13)

Travelling teaches you to keep moving forwards. There is something of a momentum in travel, even when you have reached your chosen destination. For there is a certain weight to knowing that one has only a limited time in a certain place, especially when it is different to what you are used to, that keeps you looking, seeing, planning, exploring, doing and going ~ forwards, from one new ‘adventure’ or experience to the next. We seek to ‘make the most of’ our new experiences, knowing that time is fleeting and that before we know it, things will have changed yet again – maybe we will have moved on to a new place, continuing our travels around our little yet magnificent globe, a speck of wonder in this vast universe of Creation, or we will return to the ‘normality’ of our everyday circumstances, and know that we will most probably cease to look at our lives with the same wonder. Knowing this helps us to keep that forward motion and forward thinking.

However, if you are anything like me, you probably find this more challenging to do as you travel through your life generally. Perhaps thoughts about the past keep us from living fully in the present or moving forwards with greater freedom and change into the future. As someone who has been overcoming post traumatic stress primarily caused by childhood bullying, I know that this can be difficult, that one can get stuck, body, mind and heart in a certain place that is so distressing that it is impossible to get free of without help. Yet, exploring the past can sometimes be the most forward compelling thing we can do if we are seeking to break the cycle of whatever has kept us in fetters, as we face that seemingly overwhelming challenge of thinking of ourselves in new ways and moving towards freedom.

Perhaps we need that reminder that the journey of our lives on earth is limited, is fleeting and that we need to wake up to the awareness to make the most of the time and life we have. For me, for the past few years that has meant putting in a lot of hard work and effort in confronting a painful past of childhood hurt and trauma from bullying, but I don’t believe it was time wasted ~ as challenging as it is to change and heal, it is a journey and a road well worth travelling on, so that we can wake up, be free, and live in the new moments that Life Gifts us with. For me, this freedom is in Christ, and I take His Hand as He leads me on in this journey through life. xx

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Snapshots of Italy (2).

Perhaps you have already made the journey. However, if not, I invite you to venture with me, by road, through the flatlands of Northern France, past the crisp cool lakes and the ruggedly charming mountains of Switzerland, with its grassy hills speckled with cute toy-like wooden houses, each proudly bearing the red and white Swiss flag, and onwards through the beautiful, joyously colourful and sun soaked Mediterranean regions of Northern Italy, where endearingly uniform cute wooden Swiss houses have given way to an array of brightly coloured tall rectangular buildings of yellow, orange, pink, green, white, brown, beige and sky blue, set in the hills, each distinctly decorated with uniquely ornate railings, flower boxes, and individually characterised front doors. 

Italy exudes charm, character, and vibrant sophistication that is at the same time rustic, homely and inviting. Italy is unashamedly proud of its identity, of its natural beauty, rich heritage, delicious food, and its stylish and charming inhabitants. The Lakes of Northern Italy are romantically seductive, drawing one in heart, soul and mind to savour a sparkling, vibrant, peaceful and life enriching experience of Nature as the backdrop to a truly unique, exquisitely beautiful and alluring country that is Bella Italia. ❤ (c). 


Adventures new…and settling back into ‘normal life’ (whatever that is!).

Apologies once again, friends. It has been a few weeks since I have blogged, however, you may be pleased to hear that this is not without good reason. I have had the pleasure of revisiting one of my favourite countries on this little globe ~ Bella Italia ~ having spent just over a week at Lago di Como (Lake Como), and around 4 days travelling by coach and by ferry to get there via France and Switzerland.

I arrived back from my beautiful Italian adventure just 4 days ago on Friday evening (24th August 2018), eager to tell you all about it and perhaps hear about your experiences of travelling to Italy and / or elsewhere too.

However, I’m sure I’m not alone in finding that it takes a bit of time to readjust and recalibrate after spending time in another place or country, especially if that place is a particularly beautiful escape from one’s usual surroundings. Not that where I live doesn’t have its merits, but the Italian Lakes are breath-taking in beauty, the weather is consistently warm and lovely, and the atmosphere is sweet with La Dolce Vita, and La Dolce Far Niente.

I arrived back home to be greeted by rain, and cold weather. It has brightened now and is not raining today at least, however, the climes are unpredictable, and considerably colder and sunshine is a much awaited blessing that certainly doesn’t last the whole year round.

Today also happens to be my second day back at work. Do you ever find that you go away on an adventure, even if your travels are merely for a short duration, or perhaps you have been away for a year or more to travel the world, you have been inspired, changed and touched by your new experiences, and yet you come back and everything seems to be the ‘same old, same old’.

Don’t get me wrong, it is lovely to come home, to familiar people, places, and languages, but it is bitter-sweet, and it takes time to find a new rhythm, to process the experiences you have had, and also to take what you have learned and make changes in your day to day – such as slowing down, savouring the moment, and not getting caught up in the rush and hurry of routine to the extent that you lose part of yourself.

So that is where I am just now….eager to hear of your thoughts and experiences. I guess we all share so much in common – sometimes a break away from ‘ordinary life’ in a beautiful place gives our souls and minds a much longed for respite – however, on return we are faced both with the blessings and benefits of personal growth, but also the challenges to change, and the resurfacing of familiar issues, or personal problems that still need to be faced when the sun is no longer metaphorically shining.

However, travel changes us. And it is a reminder to see things afresh in our day to day life. Perhaps, to reintegrate into our ‘ordinary surroundings’ by looking through the lens of a traveller’s eye. To see things afresh, and to find La Dolce Vita…the sweetness of life, right here where we are, right now.

Be blessed. xx

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Take Your Time…

NB: So sorry that the formatting has gone awry! I don’t know what happened there….at first the content disappeared entirely, so at least, despite the red strike throughs, there is still something (hopefully encouraging) to read! Thanks for stopping by my blog.



My dear friends,

Once again I meet you here…lovely to spend some time hanging out, thinking about life, and stuff 😉 And once again I begin another blog post by tentatively acknowledging the fact that it has been a little while since my last post. And that’s ok. And it’s not only ok, but it is an opportunity for us to mutually encourage each other.

Some wonderfully disciplined people, for whom perhaps blogging is an income stream for them (unlike myself, as I do this as a hobby and don’t make any money from it, plus I don’t really know how all of that works yet anyway ~ feel free to enlighten me! 🙂 ) may have regular schedules for creating and uploading content, and that is admirable. However, this blog post is not really about blog posts at all…it is about you….and me.

It is a gentle reminder (just as a bud seldom blossoms overnight)  to Take Your Time….

Take your time and take the pressure off yourself by taking a moment away from your seemingly endless ‘to do’ lists.

Take your time to heal. My heart and mind have required decades to even begin to heal rather than merely cope, and sometimes things feel worse before they get better, so take your time. No one can put a schedule on your healing, on your heart. Don’t block it out, but take your time to gently go through the process you need to as you discover your worth, and find greater awareness of Truth, Love and Peace. 
Take your time to focus on just one thing at a time….your brain will thank you for it! 🙂
Take your time to intentionally be kind to yourself, and to others.
Take your time to acknowledge how far you have already come.
Take your time to ask yourself and explore the deep, searching and difficult questions in your life and seek the Truth that will set you free.
Take your time to grieve, or to comfort those who mourn.
Take your time to pause and really appreciate the good things in your life….someone else may be longing for what you have begun to take for granted.
Take your time to acknowledge that you are not your work. Your work is what you do, but it does not determine or define your worth.
Take your time to take a lunch break. Leave your desk, your computer, and go out in the fresh air for a while.
Take your time to walk in nature, and listen to the natural, more gentle, healing rhythm and pace around you, far from the madding crowds of human existence!
Take your time to be by yourself, and if need be to learn to be comfortable by yourself.
Take your time to evaluate your year so far. Is this the direction you really should be going? Do you need to make a change? Do you need to stay where you are? To grow in contentment of the riches and beauty of your life just now that you only need to open your heart and mind to to more fully discover? When we look for a get-away, are we not really looking for a state of being, rather than in itself a place to be?
Take your time to love, and to accept love.

Take your time to be a friend.
Take your time to live and not merely exist.
Take your time to live out the clichés ~ stop and smell the roses! Listen to the birdsong. ❤
Take your time……to Be.

What else do you need to take your time for? Feel free to share your inspiration in the comments.