Being human in 2022

Hi friends,

I’m back after a little hiatus from blogging. Not an intentional one, but just a natural lull as life has been changing a bit post pandemic restrictions in the UK.

I just want to check in with you all and hopefully encourage someone out there to feel less alone if you are finding it challenging to adapt to life in 2022.

I’ve been very fortunate in many ways, yet being human isn’t the easiest of things is it, especially these days? I’ve moved back to my own flat after spending about a year and a half working from home and living with my parents. The change has been good in many ways, and I hope to be able to visit again soon, but there is a sense of adjustment too.

Hybrid working, and a world of change.

My work has us now working a hybrid working pattern and for most or many people this means working two days in the office and three at home. Over the lockdown / pandemic I had two new bosses after two bosses left, and have started work in a new team. I am gradually adjusting to working in the office and it has been good to have face to face interaction. However, that being said, some days have been mentally and emotionally tiring, and I’m aware that there is an anxiety to resuming ‘life’ in 2022 even with all the benefits of being able to meet and interact again.

I remember, and have blog posts from 2019 and early 2020 where there was a sense of excitement and anticipation and hope for embarking upon new adventures, 2020 vision etc. The big news story of the day was Brexit, and so I had hoped to get some travelling done in 2020 before EU restrictions on travel from the UK. Little did we know how much and how quickly our world would change, and how our world continues to change.

In early 2022 many of us were feeling a bit hopeful if somewhat apprehensive about ‘getting back to normal’ again. It’s been good to start doing things again, and seeing people, but I’m aware that mental health is a big issue for many and I’m aware of frustrations with my own mental health as I strive for something more ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ whatever that means while giving myself understanding that we’ve all been through many things recently even if you haven’t had challenges in the past. It can be hard to keep our heads above the parapets in a world like the one we are living in. The war and human devastation that is happening in Ukraine and other places in the world is far too big for me to write about but I know that this adds to the stress and trauma of society and individuals. Many people are adapting and coping well in their own individual lives as they ‘switch off’ from what is going on, but so many people cannot switch off from the horrors they are living through and we are faced daily with the reality of death, and how to live our lives in this world.

I’ve appreciated being back in community again with people and being able to talk and pray with others who know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I have felt such comfort in seeing His Hand at work in my life in the ways He has provided friendships and connections for me and often giving the same or similar messages to me and a friend that has been an encouragement to be reminded of the reality of the Living God Who I have encountered again and again in life. It has been an encouragement to be with other believers and to also know His Peace carrying me.

Yet, being human our minds are often wired to anxious thoughts and feelings and even though I know the hope that I have in Christ, and the Peace for those who have trusted in Him and know His forgiveness and saving grace, it can still be a challenge to live in this world.

There are no easy answers

I know that there are no easy answers to what we are all living through in these days. Of course many people are doing great and are able to move through life well. But at the end of the day there is no point in gaining the whole world and forfeiting our souls. ‘Call upon the Name of The LORD and be saved’.

In a simple and practical sense though we all need to look after our mental health and wellbeing so that we can keep going through life. We are so complex as human beings and it can mean riding the waves as we move through life.

Little practical steps

I have found it so helpful to be able to connect face to face with friends again.

Other things that have been beneficial have been going for walks which I had so missed before.

Of being aware that many people are thinking and worrying about things and that we are not alone in trying to reign in our minds to more helpful thought patterns.

Taking rest and sleep when needed and trying to eat regularly and get a bit of exercise as well as setting a timer to do a task to focus my mind and then doing something else have also helped focus on the here and now.

You’re not alone

If you find your mind anxious or thinking about past things or worrying about the future you’re not alone. It takes time to build resilience in our minds and with everything going on in the world you might be feeling like you can’t cope. Something I learned during the lockdowns of the pandemic is that I can manage the next 10 minutes. And if you are feeling unsure and uncertain about the future, think about what you can do in the next 10 minutes of this day.

Take care and know that you are not the only one whatever you are going through.