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Guest Post – Mindfump

Thanks to Mindfump for allowing me to reblog his article on mental health issues.  Check out his blog at and if you need further encouragement on similar issues of mental health, self care, health, fitness and wellbeing, you can find some helpful posts on my blog under the relevant tabs / menus at the top of my page.



Can You Outrun Mental Health Issues?


During my 15 years or so of mental health issues I have done many things to try and avoid, change, take control and cure myself of my issues. The things I do are often misinterpreted as things like ‘he loves to travel‘ or ‘he just loves exercise‘ or ‘he enjoys other cultures‘. Now that is not to say those things are not entirely true but it’s never the reason I do the things I do.

For instance, the first time I tried to outrun my mental health was not by using my legs but by moving to a new city. I lived in the north of England in a very small, insular town which quite literally suppressed ambition, creativity and change. My idea was that it was the town’s fault. It was to blame. So I left and this pattern continued for the next 10…

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