‘Travelling Teaches You…’ ~ a new series.

Welcome to a new series of blog posts, called “Travelling Teaches You…”, which I have decided to keep as short and sweet little nuggets of inspiration for my busy readers. I think I’d like to try this new style of series out for size, not because I have less to say (in fact, I feel like I have so much more to explore in my thoughts!), but because I often see wonderful travel posts pop up on my article feed, and I just don’t have time amid everything else going on to fully read and appreciate them all. And I know others must feel the same too ~ so many inspiring bloggers and blog posts…and comparatively so little time! ❤ So to give you something sweet and bite-sized to savour, without further ado…welcome to the first instalment of “Travelling Teaches You…”.

Travelling Teaches You to notice and pay attention to things, to see as if for the first time, and to think about your experience in the present moment rather than get lost in your inner world of the past or an unknown future or your own world of imagination or worry. Things are fresh and new, and you notice as your brain absorbs new sensations and experiences, for your own ‘survival’ as it were, you need to pay attention to currency, language, signs, unfamiliar places. When things are new, you are more likely to live present. This is what Travelling Teaches You. (c).


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